Contemporary sculpture and art are integral design components in all of Craig Hall’s developments. Extending beyond traditional museum walls and into everyday life, these impactful works of art are a source of inspiration for building tenants and guests, as well as patrons of the arts and other visitors to the Arts District. HALL Arts’ location provides a unique opportunity to showcase existing and newly commissioned works from the HALL Collection for the public’s enjoyment.

The vision behind the HALL Collection and the HALL Texas Sculpture Walk.
Richard Long traveled from England to create Dallas Rag.
John Henry shares his passion for the process and Tatlin’s Sentinel.

Nefertiti Rising

Jim LaPaso


Mac Whitney


Steinunn Thorarinsdottir

Rhythms of Life

Andrew Rogers

Happy Again

Michelle O’Michael

Seven Brothers

Chris Lattanzio

Texas Touch


Red Bench

John Henry

Tatlin’s Sentinel

John Henry


Mac Whitney

Reflection Series XI

Deborah Ballard

Spirit Inner Totems

Jesús Bautista Moroles

The Stainless Internet

George Tobolowsky

Gridman 3

Stephen Daly

How to Form a Sphere

Joseph Havel


Sonia King

Again in the Meadow

James Surls

Stairway to Heaven

James Surls

Dallas Rag

Richard Long

© 2018 HALL Group
© 2018 HALL Group