Loebau by Mac Whitney

Hall Arts Whitney Loebeau sculpture.


Mac Whitney

About the Artist

Mac Whitney lives and works in his country studio of 40+ years in Ovilla, Texas, southeast of downtown Dallas. A Kansas native, Whitney came to Dallas in 1969 and focused primarily on his work as a full-time sculptor. He began to create increasingly complex art forms, significant in design and scale, and in 1979 was commissioned by the City of Houston to build a large-scale sculpture for Stude Park (off I-10). Whitney’s work has shown nationally and internationally continuously over the last 40+ years. His sculptures are constructed of raw steel and are a metaphysical expression of the fundamental forces of tension and resolution evident in the built environment. His most recent works are part of the Linked Sculpture series, with sculptures composed like an interlocking chain of various shapes before welded upright into a vertical sculpture.

Project Details

  • Artist: Mac Whitney
  • Born: Manhattan, Kansas; 1936
  • Work: Loebau, 2011
  • Medium: steel, paint
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