Seven Brothers by Chris Lattanzio

Hall Arts Lattanzio sculpture.

Seven Brothers

Chris Lattanzio

About the Artist

Chris Lattanzio calls his unique form of art “3D line sculpture,” a low relief medium that can be described as the exact opposite of etching. Chris’s carved lines rise off surfaces, many inspired by the images of people, places and things encountered in his everyday life. From sketches, to prints, to sculpture, Chris brings a special perspective to his work earned by his journey starting with a business career (he holds a degree in economics from Baylor University), to studying film at NYU, and then back to Texas, where he was able to reconnect with that which gave him joy in his childhood — the creative arts. Chris is blazing trails for the many ways he uses light in his work — you must see to believe.

Project Details

  • Artist: Chris Lattanzio
  • Born: Dallas, Texas; 1963
  • Work: Seven Brothers, 2015
  • Medium: LED light sculptures
  • Website:
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