We Create. We Innovate. We Inspire – Video Transcript

James McFall (00:00):

I think Jackson Walker’s a pretty innovative firm. We like to think of ourselves as trailblazers in the industry. This space creates a innovative, collegial, vibrant environment in which to build your legal career, interact with your colleagues, and play in the city of Dallas. My name is James McFall. I’m a litigation associate with Jackson Walker. I was born and raised in San Antonio, Texas. I was fortunate enough to get a football scholarship to Stanford from there and went to law school. Coming to work here, you feel like you’re at the center of the city. You’re at the center of the action, your friends that work at other companies or close to you, you can meet them for lunch, you can walk to the park, enjoy the food trucks and go to a play or a show. It’s nice to go to client meeting and just pop downstairs and you’re at one of the best restaurants in the city. The art located both within and outside the building, just really give it a great feel. You’re really part of a, of a piece of art itself. I think our generation is socially conscious, uh, is concerned about the environment. So us being here at an efficient, environmentally friendly building is definitely something that’s, uh, that’s a great opportunity for our firm and for our ability to attract new talent in the future.