Why Craig Hall wants to have it all with two DFW headquarters

KPMG Plaza exterior view next to Cathedral
April 8, 2015 | News


Developer Craig Hall is looking forward to getting his latest tower, KPMG Plaza at Hall Arts, completed. After all, it’s going to be home to one of Hall’s two corporate offices in Dallas-Fort Worth.

“We were in downtown before we came to Frisco, and now we will be in both places,” Hall told the Dallas Business Journal in an exclusive interview. “We will have a number of people, myself included that will have an office in each office.

“I’ve always loved downtown and we’re excited about the energy of the Arts District and what’s going on here,” he told me. “But at the same time, we’re not walking away from Frisco.”

Hall’s company, Hall Financial Group, which has been based in Frisco for the past 17 years, plans to operate the firm using a dual headquarters philosophy, calling Frisco and Dallas home. Hall Financial will operate on the second floor of KPMG Plaza in about 20,000 square feet of office space. The Frisco location has about 15,000 square feet.

More importantly, Hall is shaking up how he’s done business for the last four decades. Instead of a large, private office, Hall is going to an open office system and will be in a cube like every other Hall Financial employee.
“I’ve always had this big office and private area, but that’s so yesterday’s news,” he told me. “We will all have the same desk, the same chairs. My office is the same size as everybody else’s office.

The company’s Frisco operations will stay in Frisco, as well as a number of employees that work in the northern suburb. Hall Financial will have about 45 to 50 people in its two headquarters offices, with a number of workers — including himself — having two offices, one in Frisco and one in Dallas, to work in.

But Hall said the big news is that Hall Financial will finally get a ping-pong table.

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