Hall Arts building brings new light display to Dallas skyline

HALL Arts KPMG Plaza Light Display
September 14, 2015 | News


DALLAS – Maybe you did a double take while driving, craned your neck down the city blocks, or squinted trying to make sense of what your eyes were seeing on the new Hall Arts building in downtown Dallas.

If any of this sounds familiar, you have Scott Oldner to thank.

“When we bring lighting to a building, we’re really defining the character of the building, and what kind of emotion we want people to feel when they’re inside,” Oldner said.

Oldner has had a hand in more than a half-dozen lighting projects across Dallas, and he is the lighting designer behind this latest display joining the city’s skyline.

But this is no Bank of America, Reunion Tower, or even Omni Hotel presentation. Hall Arts’s vertical lights do video. And yes, there is a theme.

“The scheme we developed is because of that classic nature, of both the architecture and design team, and also of Craig and his person, as well,” Oldner said.

“Craig” is developer Craig Hall, who loves the concept, influenced by that “classic” theme. The display shows black-and-white clips from old moves like “Casablanca,” and moments with Elvis, Audrey Hepburn, Fred Astaire, and Ginger Rogers.

“It was like my wedding — instant love!”

Hall said. The display is its own showpiece.

“Especially,” Hall said, “because this is the Arts District, and we ought to have art in all aspects of the building.”

Hall said the display will change in the future, for holidays, events, or for no reason at all.

“We hope people will be saying, ‘Hey, I wonder what they’ll be doing tonight?'” he said.

And for both men, that’s the joy of it: Art on a grand scale, to soak in from two feet or ten blocks away.

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